3 Nutrition tips that REALLY work for weight loss

In a world full of diet plans, nutrition regimens, and weight-loss gurus, it’s hard to find the truth about nutrition in all the noise. We have family members that swear by specific diets, friends that have lost “X” number of pounds from a particular program, and others than can’t find long term success because aContinue reading “3 Nutrition tips that REALLY work for weight loss”

Nothing “Crumby” about these Apple Muffins

I’ve gotten so many positive responses from my latest blog post, where I discuss my adventure with high cortisol (stress) and an autoimmune diagnosis (Hashimoto’s thyroiditis). It’s encouraging to know that my own wellness journey resonates with others — some have even gone to see their MD and get their hormones tested! Good for you for being theContinue reading “Nothing “Crumby” about these Apple Muffins”

My main motivator is also my number one detractor

Out of everything that motivates me in life, I’ve finally decided one of them needs to go. It turns out my main motivator has also been serving as my number one detractor, and as time went on, the symptoms of this perceived symbiotic relationship started to get toxic. It’s also not your typical “toxic” relationship,Continue reading “My main motivator is also my number one detractor”

Squash those standard vegan Brownies

It’s finally Autumn! In the Pacific Northwest that means it’s time for Pumpkin Spice everything, scarves, and rain coats. The start of Fall also means it’s SQUASH season! Which gets me more excited than the thought of drinking a PSL. About a month ago, I was diagnosed with an autoimmune condition called Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis; whichContinue reading “Squash those standard vegan Brownies”

“Chip Away” at this Guacamole.

In our home, we LOVE snacks. My husband, Jordy, is a huge fan of chips and salsa, which come with a ton of empty (enjoyable) calories but may leave you feeling heavy and bloated. He never seems to have a problem with it, but I LOVE finding alternatives that provide nutrients while also providing aContinue reading ““Chip Away” at this Guacamole.”